Icons of tools and toolbars to small at 4k

Started by Andreas Schubach (francis) on Fri, 22nd Sep 2017 at 08:54:53.

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As you can see on the screenshot,
using a monitor at 4k-resolution and 175%-ui-scaling on windows 7
leads to very small icons for the tools and toolbars in the artist's ui.
Could it be possible to have a "double size" icon set (as option)
as a theme for the ui of artist.
That would make the program by far more usable.
Thanks for any answer

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John Paul Chacha (jpcha2) on Sun, 24th Sep 2017 at 14:10:10

Hi Andreas,
This is noted and I'm working on getting Chasys Draw IES to work properly on your high-DPI display. I've already done more than half of the work and I should be done soon. I'll keep you posted.


Andreas Schubach (francis) on Sun, 24th Sep 2017 at 20:20:38

I'm very glad to hear that!
Thanks in advance!


Andreas Schubach (francis) on Wed, 4th Oct 2017 at 00:03:43

4.48 works very well and looks fine in uhd/4k: Thank you very much!
Great work!


John Paul Chacha (jpcha2) on Wed, 4th Oct 2017 at 11:53:56

Glad to hear that. In case of any issues, please feel free to let me know.


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