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Hello John
(1)During selection, we have to click twice to determine the square. Now, how to cancel action either first or second click, like Paint where we click outsite selection and its gone, deselects all. The same for others tools that seems locked. My idea is as they would return to "zero mark" for start again with no selection at all.
(2)snap to edge: If I remember correclty, this is how it is called. when selection tool, it selects to the edge of the image, thus not passing off limits of the image. thats for crop too.
(3)Crop: When selecting the square, i can't make it vertical and horizontally free. I kind manage to do that but when resizing the left square line (in the left dot) the right line also goes the same way. same for bottom and top lines. I would like to free move all the limits of the square independently.
How do I set theses 3 questions?
Thanks for your time and great work.


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