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Chasys Draw IES rawPhoto

What is Chasys Draw IES rawPhoto?

Chasys Draw IES rawPhoto is the RAW format import and processing program in the IES suite. Chasys Draw IES rawPhoto is based on Dave Coffin's RAW photo decoder, better known as dcraw.


What can I do with Chasys Draw IES rawPhoto?

Basically, rawPhoto helps you develop raw files from your digital camera into usable photos. While doing so, you can make any adjustments you wish, such as white-balance and curves. Later, you can export the finalized image to a CD5 file in readiness for printing or further editing by Chasys Draw IES Artist.


What next?

I strongly recommend that you read the "What is all this RAW business?" section first, as it provides some basic information that might prove vital to understanding and working with a RAW camera files (a.k.a. Digital Negatives). Afterwards, you can proceed to the user interface section. Later on, you can proceed to the Shooting it RAW section, starting with "Import and Camera Setup" section, then "Adjustments", and finally the "Finalizing" section.

Thank you for taking interest in Chasys Draw IES rawPhoto.



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