Chasys Draw IES 4.49.01 is out!!

Latest changes:
  • More options and presets in Selective Decolor
  • Support for XBM/XPM files (X11 BitMap/PixMap)
  • Extended Texture Mapper tool with 3 options
  • New Hand tool option: Single
  • New Hand tool option: Content
  • New Shape tool option: Parallelogram
  • New Shape tool option: Trapeziod
  • New Shape tool option: Bubble
  • Translation of language selection window
  • Improved high-DPI monitor support
  • Improved handling of palette files
  • Improved Bluetooth file transfer performance
  • Improved plug-in prefetch and selection
  • [bug fix] Stacking menu grayed out erroneously
  • [bug fix] Inaccuracies when decoloring directly

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