Chasys Draw IES 4.20.01 is out!!

Latest changes:
  • Improved Photoshop Plug-in support
  • Improved Pen and Path Engine with PATHv3
  • Support for complex paths in PATHv3
  • Anti-aliasing options in Pen and Path
  • Anti-aliasing options for several tools
  • Synchronized recent items list
  • Improved UI for video capture
  • Faster graphics engine (JpDRAW2 Jan'14)
  • Metadata load from file and save to file
  • Blend-mode files for GIMP, Photoshop and Paint.NET
  • MRU list with preview in rawPhoto
  • Configurable UI Transparency in rawPhoto
  • [bug fix] Accuracy errors in cutting Pen and Path Data
  • [bug fix] TextArt gradients when cosmetics are off
  • [bug fix] EXIF dates missing in rawPhoto