Chasys Draw IES 4.25.03 is out!!

Latest changes:
  • Text-to-Path function in TextArt
  • Path Tracing with custom brushes
  • New Transform - Subpixel Image Rendering
  • Triggered screen capture using num-lock key
  • Borderless full-screen mode for Viewer
  • Brush Engine 3.6 with improved accuracy
  • FastExternals 3,20 with pi_MetaMarkup
  • Improved, memory-efficient Undo engine
  • Improved PNG file support (updated code)
  • Improved PSD file support (text layers)
  • Improved WebP file support (animation and EXIF)
  • Several minor code optimizations
  • Several minor UI improvements
  • [bug fix] Problems running some Photoshop 8BF plug-ins