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rawPhoto User Interface

User Interface

This is the Chasys Draw IES rawPhoto main window:

The interface supports drag-drop, allowing you to open files by simply dragging them onto rawPhoto's window. The gadget at the bottom-left shows the color histogram, this is useful when making adjustments.

Next, we have the camera setup dialog. Here, you have options for setting up the camera processing of the image, such as white balance. This is a multi-page dialog in which you can change pages using the drop-down provided at the top. At the bottom you have a reload button; this reloads the image with the new settings you've specified:



Finally, we have the curves dialog, which is more or less like the curves adjustment you find in Chasys Draw IES Artist.

This is the Mark-up dialog. It allows you to edit MARK attachments added to the image during load. This information normally contains EXIF data, but supports all the semantics of the standard mark-up as defined in the section on Mark-Up Attachments.

The UI is designed to be easy to use and straight-forward.



Chasys Draw IES rawPhoto has some commands in the menu bar. These provide functionality such as loading and saving images.



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