Chasys Draw IES Help:

Disc Labeling Tutorial

What is this tutorial exercise all about?

This short tutorial exercise shows the user how to label CDs and DVD's using Chasys Draw IES.


Creating a CD label

On the File menu, select New. In the dialog that comes up, select CD or DVD Label. In the size dialog, just click OK. Chasys Draw IES will generate a graphic with three layer; a background, a guide mask and a design:

The guide mask is a floating layer, and will always be shown above everything else but will be excluded when printing. It serves the purpose of showing you what the final disc will look like.


You can customize this design by drawing onto the design layer and by adding new layers as you wish.


Printing your Label

Chasys Draw IES gives you two options for printing out your label:

Print with Ink:
With this option, you can print your label to sticky labels or to coated discs using your printer. To do this, go to the File menu and select Print, then choose your printer

Print with LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling
This option allows you to print your design directly onto the disc with a LightScribe-enabled drive. Chasys Draw IES will use the drive's laser to etch your design onto the disc.



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